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Cristofer Dalas

First Captain

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James Delgado

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I had the most amazing time ever !! Once the boat was out of the harbour, it was amazingly fast! Fantastic value for money - boat stopped at all of the above locations and gave us plenty of photo opportunities. Lots of spins as well for the extra thrill :)) Also great information about each of the locations ! I would highly recommend this experience - one of my highlights !

Kate Meechan / Traveller

This cruise and dinner is a must if you visit Dubai Marina. The service was A+, Sid the manager was really kind and attentive, also the crew was amazing, he provided everything we needed…. the view it’s breathtaking , from the start to the end was a wonderful experience, saxophonist was amazing. This tour it’s worth every cents….If I could give 10 stars I would!!!

Yamilca Castro / Visitor