Captain Adventure Services
Captain Adventure Services


We can deliver to you upon to your request our 5 star catering services such as BBQ and Seafood menu. Enjoy our Five-Star Cuisine which can match with your needs and services. If you are looking for a meal on board, and would like to have the catering you can choose from a variety of cuisine types including Arabic, Asian, European, or Continental. For your special occasions we can provide you with hostess to serve you during your cruise who can add a special touch to your moments and occasions to make your cruise special.


Cake and Decoration

You are celebrating a special occasion on Luxury Yachts such as Birthday on YachtGraduation, anniversary on Yacht, or professional achievement, enhance your festive mood with a tasty, yummy Captain Adventure Cake, which we can design it according to your special needs. If you have a special theme for a decoration or new creative ideas for your event or celebration, our expert team can help you to make it as memorable moments for such a wonderful event.



Would you like to do a Private Yacht Party and looking for the best services onboard of a luxury yacht, we can provide you 5 Star hostess services onboard of our yachts with additional charges, who can add magical touch to your event and party. Welcome your guests on board in a luxury way by a “Red Carpet” for your guests.


DJ Package

Looking for something that can make your party amazing and unique, our In House  Yacht DJ package which includes 4 speakers would make your Yacht Partyflashy!



Captain Adventure Luxury transportation with us would be special with additional charges. Starting from small groups to big corporate outing groups. All you have is to give our staff a call and we can do it for you.


Private Jet & Luxury Helicopter Tours

For the VIP clients we provide you with a Private Jet Transportation from the Airport to the Hotel or the Yacht.

If you would like to have a Luxury Helicopter TourLuxury Yacht Tour, our team can provide you the special experience of Luxury life onboard of Helicopter, with additional charges.

Banana Boat

Water Ski

Water Parasailing

Jet Ski


New Year Events

Wedding Events